Maple Syrup and the Massachusetts Economy

Maple Sugaring employs more than 1,000 farm workers.

Massachusetts has more than 300 maple producers, with over 80% located west of 1-91.

Annual production is about 50,000 gallons, worth over 3 million dollars to the farmers.

Sugaring is one of the few tourist destination events to occur during mud season in March and April. 60,000 visitors spend in excess of two million dollars during sugaring season. Farms, restaurants, Bed and Breakfasts, country inns, and other tourist businesses share this income, which flows mostly into small towns and farm communities.

One Massachusetts company manufactures more than 2 million dollars worth of maple syrup jugs annually.

An active Massachusetts maple industry preserves more than 13,000 acres of open space.

Maple sugaring income allows many dairy farms to stay in operation by providing a secondary crop.

Almost all of the Massachusetts maple syrup crop is sold within the state, benefiting both the farmer and the consumer.

Massachusetts is 9th in the United States in terms of national production.