Since its founding in 1947, our Association has represented the commercial and hobbyist sugarmaking in Massachusetts. Membership in the Massachusetts Maple Producers Association is open to all. Our wide membership includes maple producers in Massachusetts and other states, ranging from backyard hobbyists to long time large producers. Our membership also includes equipment manufacturers, ex-producers and just about anyone with an interest in the Massachusetts maple industry.

Annual dues are $45 for the calendar year. Membership is free for the first year for Massachusetts residents age 18 and under who are sugaring or planning to do so. New members who join after November 1 will have their membership fee applied to the following year.

Click on the button below to join now, click here to download and print a membership form to mail with your payment, or read below to learn more about membership benefits.

  1. Subscription to our Association newsletter, Massachusetts Sugarbush News.
  2. Opportunity to list your sugarhouse in the online Massachusetts Maple Producers Directory. (Massachusetts members onlY.)
  3. Opportunity to purchase discounted and readily identified two-color, oxygen barrier coated, Massachusetts maple syrup containers. Our jugs are nationally recognized, and are distributed from sites in Shelburne, Belchertown, Hadley, and Worthington. See our pricelist here.
  4. Opportunity to purchase many printed materials, labels, signs, videos, and other maple promotional and educational items; either at cost or heavily discounted. Many of our items are unique and have been praised and imitated by the other maple states. See our pricelist here.
  5. Invitations to the Annual Meeting and the Summer Picnic. Both of these functions offer educational programs, an opportunities to purchase equipment and supplies, and opportunities to socialize and network with other maple producers.
  6. Free transportation to the annual trade show and maple workshops in Verona, New York, in early January.
  7. Opportunity to sell some of your own bulk syrup at a premium price to the Association for use at the Eastern States Exposition (The Big-E), in September each year. (Massachusetts members onlY.)
  8. Opportunity to participate in various information exchanges such as tour group listings, bulk syrup buy/sell listings, wholesale listings, USDA Crop Reporting Survey, and the Mass Maple newsletter Massachusetts Sugarbush News.
  9. Subscription to the international maple publication: The Maple Digest.
  10. Representation through the Association within international industry organizations, where decisions about research priorities and policy advocacy around laws and regulations are made.
  11. Opportunity to attend any Association sponsored workshops.
  12. Opportunity to participate in the statewide Commonwealth Quality program. (Massachusetts members onlY.)
  13. Representation through the Association at many promotional events. Industry information is distributed, samples are given out, and the heightened awareness of Massachusetts as a sugaring state helps preserve our industry.

When you join MMPA for the first time, you will receive a sample packet of Association print materials including a free laminated "How it's made..." poster and our Quality Control Manual. The complete list of our available containers and our printed and promotional materials is enclosed. All of these materials are available at our Mass Maple Warehouse in Shelburne.

Since its founding in 1947, our Association has represented most of the commercial and hobbyist sugarmakers in Massachusetts. While we do not conduct inspections, we expect our members to conform to all state and federal standards regarding the production and sale of maple products. We disseminate information to our members to help them maintain strong quality control, and we stand ready to assist them with specific problems as needed. We maintain a library of up-to-date maple research publications, and will endeavor to answer your specific questions. We also act as your representative to both state and federal governments on specific legislative issues that affect the maple producers.

We are a non-profit organization. Our funds come from a small commission on discounted containers and supplies as well as from membership dues. We receive no state or federal financial assistance, except for occasional grants. We are governed by a nine member Board of Directors elected yearly by the general membership. Daily operations are conducted by a paid Coordinator who serves with the direction of the Board.

Click on this button to join now, or click here to download and print a membership form to mail with your payment!